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HK 5282 & MV 1502

Nokka HK 5282 & MV 1502/ 1502HD (4WD)

Strong and solid Nokka Pro-series trailers have 14 and 15 tons capacity. Pro-series trailer-loader combinations can be customized carefully by customers needs. For example control valve block, grapple, rotator and hydraulic aggregate can be chosen from many different choices.

Loaders at Pro-serie are from 4,9 to 6,0 tm. Reach is from 7 meters to 8,4 meter. All loaders have hydraulic remote control valve block as standard. Alternatively you can choose electrical remote control valve block.

Nokka HK 5282 Loader specifications:

2+2- levers std control valve block
Grapple N20 (0,20m2)
Unlimited Rotator NR5
Shackle brake
Lifting moment 49 kNm (4,9 tm)
Slewing moment 15 kNm
Reach with 2 hydraulic extensions 8,2 m
Lifting capacity at 4 m 900 kg / 180 bar
Mounting with std king post
Flange mounting console with 4 slewing cylinders
Weight 1200 kg

Optional equipment:

On/off electric 2+2 -levers control valve block
Hydraulic remote control valve block with Joy Sticks
Electrical remote control valve block with Joy Sticks
Operator´s seat on the king post
Bale Grab
Manure & hay grab
Fire wood loading grab

Nokka MV1502 and MV 1502HD Forest Trailer specifications:

Capacity 15 000 kg
Width 274 cm
Length 629 + 85 cm
Height 273 cm
Length of loading space 413+85 cm
Loading area 3.2 m”
Ground clearance 73 cm
Std tyres 600/50-22.5
Weight 1900 kg
Weight HD 2200 kg

Optional equipment:

Pair of support poles
Frame extension
Led lighting device
Flange mounting device with integrated oil tank for Hydraulic aggregate use
Hydraulic aggregate (oil Pump & Acessories)
Hydraulic brakes on 1-axle
Hydraulic brakes on 2-axle
Pneumatic brakes on 1-axle
Pneumatic brakes on 2-axle
Bio container