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Forest Pro FL

Forest Pro FL Trailer and Loader

Nokka Forest Pro trailers can be easily mounted to any ATV or to small tractor. Forest Pro has own hydraulic system with own engine, other external power units are not needed.
Hydraulic four wheel drive and hydraulic beam allows you to drive in challenging terrains.

New Forest Pro FL model offers you with improved features. Fold down support legs for more stability and working comfort.


Nokka Forest Pro – great features in small package!

Contact your BRP-Can Am dealer!


  • Lifting moment: 10 kNm
  • Maximum reach: 4,2m
  • Swing moment: 2,3 kNm
  • Valves: 7 + 3-blocks
  • Control: 4+2+3 levers
  • Working pressure: 182 bar
  • Carrying capacity: 1000kg
  • Hydraulic 4-wheel drive
  • Tires: 22×11.00-8/4PR D-928
  • Hydraulic frame extension: 1m
  • load length: 187 cm + 100 cm
  • Load area: 0,65 m2
  • Track width: 104 cm
  • Ground clearance: 33 cm
Forest Pro FL