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HK 1042 & MV 126HD

Loader HK 1042 & Trailer MV 126HD

Nokka Oy has developed a small size Loader model, where the structures are, however, familiar with the bigger Nokka Loader models, among other things, rack and pinion, slewing device, wide-angle joint and unlimited rotating grapple belong to the conveniences. A variety of accessories with flange mounted Loader can be mounted on a fixed surface, on the tractor’s 3-point linkage and on ATV mounted Trailer.

Nokka HK1042 loader can be mounted on three different size of forest trailer: 106HD, 126HD or 158HD.

Nokka HK1042 Loader specifications:

Weight with timber grapple 300 kg
Gross lifting moment 10 kNm
Net lifting moment 7,6 kNm
Boom turning angle 220 deg
Maximum reach 4,2 m
Maximum working pressure 182 bars
Recommend hydraulic pump capacity 10 l/min
Mounting system Flange or 3-ponit likage
Lifting capacity at 2 m 350 kg
Lifting capacity at max. reach 150 kg

Nokka MV 126HD Forest Trailer specifications:

Weight without loader 360 kg
Loading capacity 1200 kg
Total weight with Loader 660 kg
Hydraulic 4WD drive by robson rolls
Hydraulically adjustable bogie frame
Width 130 cm
Length 285 – 430 cm
Length of loading space 187 -287
Loading area 0,6 m”
Ground clearance 40 cm cm
Tyres 300/65-12”
Fold down model hydraulic support legs