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HK 2962 & MV 719

Nokka HK 2962 & MV 719 Loader and Trailer

HK 2962 Loader specifications:

Mechanical 2+2- levers std control valve block
Grapple N16 (0,16m2)
Unlimited Rotator NR3
A-frame 3-point mounting console
Hydraulic telescopic support legs
Lifting moment 29 kNm (2,9 tm)
Slewing moment 7 kNm
Reach with hydraulic extension 6,2 m
Lifting capacity at 4 m 745 kg / 182 bar
Weight 730 kg

Optional equipment:

On/off electric 2+2 -levers control valve block
Hydraulic remote control valve block with HR Joy Sticks
Electrical remote control valve block with Ergo Digi Joy Sticks
Operator´s seat on the king post
Bale Grab
Manure & hay grab
Hay Forks
Fire wood loading grab
Gravel bucket
Shackle brake
Radiocontrolled hydraulic winch HV 1400

MV 719 Forest Trailer specifications:

Capacity 7100 kg
1-beam frame
Loading area 1,9 m2
Loading volume 6,6 m3
4 pcs support poles
3 pcs fixed frame for poles
3-point mounting device for loader HK 2962
Hydraulic drawbar steering with 1-cylinder
Standard tyres 260/75-15.3
Weight 750 kg

Optional equipment:

Tyres 11.5/80-15.5
Tyres 400/60-15.5
Extra adjustable frame for poles
Pair of support poles
Frame extension
Led lighting device
Hydraulic aggregate for Loader use
Hydraulic brakes on 1-axle
Up&Down adjustable drawbar