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HK 4872P & MV 1001

Nokka HK 4872P & MV 1001 – Best Single Frame – Effortless movement

This Loader & Trailer combination is in its size category most popular model. Fix mounted Loader with 4.8 tm:n lift torque, nearly 900 kg lifting force loading at a distance of 4 m and the broad trajectories give all together this Loader excellent properties for timber harvesting, as well as for final felling. The Loader booms and construction is designed so that what Nokka Loader from the ground lifts  will also moves over the poles on the trailer in same lifting movement. Hydraulic pressure required is only 170 bar. Several control valve blocks are available from mechanical up to remote controlled versions. 1-beam frame trailer with capacity of 10 tons can be safely loaded in more than eight cubic load. Hydraulic drawbar and correctly built bogie placement and attachment by the forest trailer follow very well tractor wheels traces and movement to forward and backward even in a difficult terrain is agile. The carriage structures and the Loader mounting is minimized moving parts number, so the chances for additional tolerances minimized and thus the lifetime is increased and maintenance is reduced. MV 1001HD Trailer is equipped with 4WD by robson rolls.

Nokka lifts which it promises – Compare – Your Choice is Nokka, Made in Finland

HK 4872P Loader specifications:

Mechanical 2+2- levers std control valve block
Grapple N20 (0,20m2)
Unlimited Rotator NR5
Lifting moment 48 kNm (4,8 tm)
Slewing moment 13 kNm
Reach with hydraulic extension 7,2 m
Lifting capacity at 4 m 892 kg / 170 bar
Flange mounting console with 4 slewing cylinders
Weight 965 kg

Optional equipment:

On/off electric 2+2 -levers control valve block
Hydraulic remote control valve block with HR Joy Sticks
Electrical remote control valve block with Ergo Digi Joy Sticks
Operator´s seat on the king post
Bale Grab
Hay forks
Manure & hay grab
Shackle brake
Fire wood loading grab
Gravel bucket
Hydrauli radiocontrol winch

MV 1001 Forest Trailer specifications:

Capacity 10000 kg
1-beam frame
6 pcs support poles
3 pcs fixed frame for poles
Hydraulic telescopic support legs integrated on front screen
Flange mounting device for Loader HK 4872
Hydraulic drawbar steering with 2-cylinders
Standard tyres 400/60 -15.5
Weight 1200 kg

Optional equipment:

500/50-17 tyres
Extra adjustable frame for poles
Pair of support poles
Frame extension
Led lighting device
Flange mounting device with integrated oil tank for Hydraulic aggregate
Hydraulic aggregate (Oil pump and Acessories)
Hydraulic brakes on 1-axle
Hydraulic brakes on 2-axle
Bio container
Up & Down Adjustable drawbar steering