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LV 1232

Nokka LV 1232 Booster

  • 2-horned model
  • Booster-blade feeding construction

Nokka´s LV 1232 is very durable and effective Snow Blower with blade feeding construction.

This snowblower has a shock-resistant, powerful and non-clogged lap feeder. In addition, this Booster model features centrifugal flexible feeders and a standard attachment of CAT I and CAT II lift arms.


The Nokka-snowdrifts of the No. 1 series are equipped with twin snow tubes, with low power consumption, where the blow can only be directed to one or both sides. For controlling the snow blow there is a hydraulic steering kit as Accessory available for operating the shutters
3T2100 hydraulic steering kit for controlling the snow shutters.
View of trees covered with snow through snowing. Blue tone.

Specifications for LV1232

  • Weight 350 kg
  • Working width 225 cm
  • Clearing width 210 cm
  • Max rotation speed 650 1/min
  • Power requirement 30 kW / 40 hp
  • Wing panels height 58 cm, thickness 3 mm
  • Feeder Ø 65 cm, length 49 cm
  • Spinning impeller Ø 68 cm
  • Mounting Tractors 3-point linkage hook-up
  • Bolt-on wear blades (turnable)
  • Cardan shaft Walterscheid WB2400 or similar


3T2100 hydraulic control for snowsteering shuttles