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Nokka has a very strong, almost 40 years of experience in the manufacture of hydraulic Loaders and forest Trailers. Now Nokka has launched a new Master series Loader & Trailer models, where the clearest reforms are the structure of the lifting boom, fixed attaching of the Loader on the Trailer and increased lifting capacity as well as new quality colouring.
All lifting booms of the Master series Loaders are new, unique, model protected Septem – structure. Seven angles and only one welding seam allow 10 % more durable boom structure compared to the traditional structures. This construction solution allowed us to raise ability of insertion without the boom weight increasing and without lifting boom material strengths adding. The same structure is also used with smallest Nokka Loader. Sustainable boom design allows Nokka to admit four-year warranty to all Nokka Loaders. Product range of Nokka Master-series consist of 1- and 2-beam frame forest trailers with different
support leg profiles and accessories. As a novelty, Nokka forest trailers are now available with a hydraulic drawbar steering attached to the up/down adjustment as well. It means more visibility from the operator´s direction to the trailer´s loading space when loading, more reach to the Loader, more severity of the combination and also more ground clearance. This is a unique technical application of the forest trailer that nobody else of other manufacturers does not have to offer.