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HT Enerco Oy to buy the rights to the Nokka product group

BULLETIN 27 November 2018

HT Enerco Oy to buy the rights to the Nokka product group

HT Enerco Oy has acquired all the rights to the Nokka product group. The Nokka product group includes a broad selection of tractor- and ATV-mounted forest loaders and trailers, various grapples and related accessories. The Nokka products, famous for their high quality and performance, are sold throughout Europe via a vast network of retailers.

The Nokka product online shop, maintenance services and spare part sales will continue to serve customers without any changes to the contact information.

HT Enerco will continue the sale of the Nokka products and the product development process as well as the related maintenance and spare part business with the help of Lassi Pesonen and the Nokka team. The online shop will open in the near future.

In future, the Nokka product group will be manufactured by HT Enerco’s contract manufacturer HT Laser Oy together with a broad network of partners. One of Finland’s largest component and assembly suppliers serving the metal industry, HT Laser has partially the same ownership base as HT Enerco. HT Laser invests in modern and efficient production methods, and industry-leading companies of various fields have used the company’s services for years.

HT Enerco will contact the retailers and customers who have placed orders for Nokka products in order to ensure the undisrupted continuation of device and spare part deliveries.

“We are pleased to be able to continue the story of the Nokka product group within HT-Yhtiöt Oy. Before becoming an entrepreneur, I personally familiarised myself with the Nokka products and their features when I was the managing director of Nokka-Companies Ltd’s Tume Oy. The Nokka products’ loyal users, new customers, and retailers in all countries can put their faith in us developing the products and the related services and following the same uncompromising principles that have generated the excellent reputation of the Nokka product group,” says Hannu Teiskonen, the founder and owner of HT Enerco and HT Laser.

Contact information
Nokka product group
Lassi Pesonen
tel. +358 44 7624 506, lassi.pesonen(at )
Nokka product group, spare parts sale, technical support and after-sale services
Sauli Paananen
tel. +358 44 7624 539, varaosat(at )
HT Enerco Oy
Hannu Teiskonen
tel. +358 40 5036 378

The Nokka product group. Tens of thousands of Nokka loaders and forest trailers have been manufactured for the world-wide market since 1979. The loader range comprises models starting from the ATV-mounted 1.0 tm loaders to the largest tractor-mounted 6.3 tm loader. Depending on the loader model, the maximum reach ranges between 4.2–8.4 m. The forest trailer range includes 1- and 2-beam frames with up to 13 t capacity. Our loyal customers are a sign of the high quality and reliability of the Nokka product group – they keep coming back to select a new Nokka product.

HT Enerco Oy, founded in 2000, manufactures bioenergy heating equipment such as Tulimax bio fuel boilers 15–1,000 kW, Velmax pellets burners 15–40 kW, Tulimax silos and other related products. HT Enerco is a family-owned company located in Keuruu in Central Finland.

HT Laser Oy, founded in 1989, is a metal industry partner with flexible service. We provide comprehensive cutting, bending, welding, machining, 3D metal printing, surface treatment, assembly and product development services. We are a growing family-owned company; in 2017, our turnover was almost EUR 60 million. We currently employ more than 400 technology industry professionals in our eight production units. All our operations are managed by certified quality and environmental systems built according to the ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 standards.